Sunday, June 18, 2006

Web Addiction

Wow, this Web 2.0 stuff is fascinating and addictive! I'm not sure where my Web 2.0 report is going, but I'm definitely getting hooked on some of the Web 2.0 components, particularly blogging. Not only have I started writing my own blogs, but I've even added my own and others' Atom.xml feeds to my Google homepage (and tweaked my posts to get the feed working properly). I've been learning a lot, very quickly.

I've never been a serious web surfer; I've usually had something in mind that I went looking for on the web. I've used the web to find tie-dye supplies, home-remodeling information, information on summer camps for my kids, and of course shopping and product info. Sometimes my friends and I will get into random discussions at lunch where we start wondering about some topic, but nobody knows "the answer". "What kind of shorebird is that?" "How do they make paper?"After lunch a couple of us pretty much run back to our desks--it's a race to find it on Google. One friend is a total whiz on Google; he'll have an answer before I can think of search criteria!

I'm now using the Technorati tags to find other blogs that interest me because they touch on similar subjects. Today I followed my link on "peer pressure" through Technorati to the blog of a teenager in Bangalore, India. He had some interesting thoughts on the classification of peer pressure. A click on the link to his profile, and I find that he likes a lot of the same things I do, even though I'm half a world, a gender, a race, and at least a generation away (though I have been to Bangalore, but that's another post).

The web has definitely shrunken the world.

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Layfield said...

Hiyo :) The web sure has shrunken the world, hasn't it?