Friday, June 09, 2006

Down the Rabbit Hole

Oh my. What started out as a "quick" research assignment has tumbled me down through a rabbit hole to a world of myriad linkages, connections, and networks. I was told to read up and report on the nature of "Web 2.0", and now I'm experiencing it firsthand. Not only have I started my own blog, but I've been initiated into the Technorati, and I'm finding it all

My head feels like it's spinning, though, as I find myself tracing and retracing my path through all these sites. Read a friend's blog, follow a link to get my own blog. Got to write and post my blog. Look at my blog. go back and edit my blog. Add a link to my friend's blog. Get my friend to add me to his blogroll. Back to his blog to follow his link to my blog. Dizzy yet? No? Then I sign up for a Technorati account. Then I go back to edit my own blog and add Technorati links to it. Then I look at my own blog again. Now I can see who has linked to my blog. Oh look, my friend has linked to my blog, and off I fly back to his blog, which has more links...

... and somewhere in there my friend has steered me to setting up a account. I'm still not quite sure what the purpose and point of all that is, but maybe it's so I can find out more about what "the cool people" are up to: what they are reading, what they care about, what the latest fads are. Gotta keep up, after all.

But wait, there's more! Now I can add extensions and buttons to my Firefox browser. Oops, first I need to upgrade my Firefox. On both my home and work computers. Then I can add the extensions, twice. Oh, and wasn't there some Technorati extension to install so I can get the full experience?

And just so I don't get bored, let's start experimenting with BitTorrent and Azureus. Oh, that's something to keep me up all night!

Maybe at some point I might get to read some of the wondrous content of the Blogosphere. And maybe I'll learn what I'm supposed to report on regarding Web 2.0. But first I need to install some more extensions. Oh, and maybe I should get some sleep.

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Unknown said...

It's hard being a geek :-)

an autumn leaf for all seasons said...
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an autumn leaf for all seasons said...

Cheetah: And the corollary to Arun's comment..."its easy to not be one" :-D